Out On The Streets

The album's opening track is a heavy, melodic rock song. It's also a classic theme-song about a girl running away from home just to see her dreams shattered. Now she's doing everything she can to survive. And that means everything.

Land Of Make Believe

No such thing as a happy break-up. They say where two people part, both are to blame. But not always. Or maybe... in the Land Of Make Believe.

Danger In Your Eyes

Ah, the drama... When you're young, love can be disappointing. You might be sad. Or confused. Or angry. In this song, it's all mixed emotions and one angry climax.

Happy Ending

A young man gets himself in trouble when dating different women. All he wants is a happy ending, but the chances are very slim. This one's an up-tempo rocker with a catchy guitar theme.

If That's The Way You Want It

Sometimes you might want to get into a little naughty trouble, but you don't quite dare to admit it to the one you love. This mid-tempo rock song tells you to not hold back, but live your life to the fullest instead.

Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them

Welcome to the party. There's booze and sex and rock 'n' roll. Just the basic things in life, right? This one has a chorus that screams 'SING ALONG'!

Sweet Samantha

Welcome summer! The weather is beautiful, a man is driving around enjoying his wheels beneath him, but things get so much better still. Up-tempo and best listened to with a cold beer in your hand. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

Daddy's Cryin'

For some fathers, it's a kind of nightmare seeing their daughters grow up and turn into beautiful young women. This fast-paced song has a catchy melody and a chorus that will stick inside your head for a long time.

Lift Me Up

Not quite a ballad, but Lift Me Up certainly has a power ballad feel to it. It's about someone who doesn't believe in love anymore, until he meets HER.

Your Favorite Rock Song

An anthemic song, 'Your Favorite Rock Song' is all about having fun even when you're not really supposed to. Who doesn't feel like calling in sick on Monday sometimes, just to get a party started instead?