Though they already knew each other somewhat vaguely, it was during a jam session they both joined that Erwin and Rene discovered their mutual passion for melodic hardrock. Both had been - and still are - in bands playing different rock genres, but soon a collaboration was in the making. Writing and recording songs together, each discovered the other one's favorite rock bands and styles. The collaboration became a project, and Pavement Princess was born.


The music of Pavement Princess can best be described as high energy, anthemic arena rock. It contains lots of melody, pounding drums and catchy choruses and guitar riffs. Influenced by some of the greatest bands in the genre, Pavement Princess listeners should expect songs that will stick in the head for a long time.

About Erwin:
A bass player in many other bands, Erwin also just looooves to shred his electric guitar strings. In Pavement Princess, you can hear Erwin playing solo, rhythm and bass guitar, and keyboard as well. Combined with his excellent songwriting, producing and mixing skills, Erwin could be called a human centipede indeed.

About Rene:
Rene earned his 15 minutes (ok, it was actually a few years) of fame being a rhythm guitar player for metal band Goddess of Desire, but he's also been the lead singer in a band called Nomansland for more than 20 years. In Pavement Princess, besides writing lyrics and songs, it's Rene on vocals, he plays some rhythm guitar and handles the drums as well.


'I have always been a huge fan of this kind of music and it was always in the back of my mind, creating something like that myself. Watching Rene perform with other bands, I was always impressed with his vocal skills and live performance. So when we finally played on the same stage, it was clear to both of us we just had to get together. And so we did! It's been a great ride so far and there's a lot more coming! Thanks for the inspiration and fun!'

'To me, Pavement Princess felt like my musical journey home, and it continues to feel that way. Creating and recording the songs that I've always wanted to play and kind of celebrating all the cool rock music that I grew up with. Meeting Erwin, that was just bull's eye. Cheers to my partner in crime, we still got tons of stuff to do, my friend!'